Wednesday, 13 December 2017

How do you clear cache in internet explorer version 11

 Show your hands who are here for their cache concern. Probably everybody reading this post would be interested to know what, why and most importantly the how of it. Is it right or is it right?

No matter it is the real world or it is the world of internet, space is something that is always important. This is what the temporary internet files take up unnecessarily. What are these files all about? They can be anything from copies of text, images, videos and other data that was recently viewed and stored on to your drive.

These files are however known as the temporary files remain on your computers by the time they expire or the cache becomes full or you remove them manually.

As far as troubleshooting of temp files is concerned, deleting them is helpful, especially when the web page would not load but the site still works. Deleting temp files can be considered as to be safe since it would not remove other things like cookies, passwords etc.

Why IE stores these temporary files?

To most of you the very fact that these temporary internet files that get stored may sound strange. Why do you think this happens? Browser stored temporary files and uses them…but why?

Well the idea behind Internet explorer doing this is that the users can access the same content without searching and loading it again from the website. If they are stored on your computer’s memory it is easily pulled without affecting the bandwidth and loading times.
This happens to give better performance from the browser. Also it gives the browsing activities track. It can be used as a forensic science evidence of somebody’s browsing history. It can be used as piece of evidence to prove guilt of anti-social elements.

You can clean the cache manually but if you are too smart to waste your time to do it, you can use CC cleaner. This popular system cleaner makes sure your job is done with utmost efficiency.

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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Top 5 Reasons You Cannot Say No To Online Technical Support

In simple terms remote technical support is the technical support that is provided to the users remotely. Quest for a reliable technical support company always remain the biggest headache of a business. For these certainly do not contribute to the productivity directly but has a deep and strong connection with the performance of the employees and the organization itself.

From renting homes to buying cars everything can be done over internet today. These days there is hardly anything that you do not get online. Why would you not avail the online PC support for your personal or professional needs is a question that only you can answer. This post however can tell you the most solid reasons you cannot say no to the virtual technical assistance. These primarily include:

> Ultimate Convenience- Aren’t you tired of running after the local computer repair guy? He never reaches you on time and if you decide to reach his shop you are supposed to carry your system from 11th floor to the market.
> Flexibility & Availability- In the death hours of some night when you are half done with your office presentation, your computer turns down what would you do. The remote technical support is available round the clock on every day of the year for pulling you out from any big or small technical glitches.
> Turnaround time- Not only they are available to attend you but they have the quickest and the best solutions for all the networking, virus and windows errors.
> Inexpensive prices- Despite of the fact that they can cater to majority of your technical problems they do not charge you insanely. Besides proffering immediate solutions they do ask you for annual technical support.
> Focus on core area- With a trusted, genuine and affordable IT support you can focus on your core area. This will help you achieve better results as there will no distractions and waiting slots when your computers are getting diagnosed and corrected.

With all these and many more benefits remote tech support services are taking over their onsite counterparts very rapidly. Look out how to find the best technical support for your business.

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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Free Ways To Speed Up Your Slow Computer

Do you miss your computer’s lost fast speed? Well, you can make it feel that way all over again. Yes, that’s possible. Speeding up the PC is easy and free as well.

Check out some helpful ways to do that:

1. Clean out unnecessary files

Frequent use of internet leads to accumulation of thousands of megabytes of files that are useless. Apart from slowing down the computer, these files even make the PC prone to viruses. Clear these files by setting the browser to clear the cookies and cache, frequently. This will allow the browser to run faster and free up space on the hard drive.

2. Dust out the case

Cleaning out the case is a promising way to speed up the PC. It should be done once every three to six months to increase the effectiveness.

3. Update the hardware and software

The most crucial drivers to download are for the motherboard and video card. They keep the hardware up-to-date with the latest technology, which speeds up the speed and performance.

Keep up with the latest software upgrades is important so as to stay safe from security threats, like viruses.

4. Defragment the hard drive
Regularly defragment your hard drive. This is because the hard drive scatters files on various parts of its disc. When more things are added to the hard drive, the computer takes longer to access these files. When you defrag the hard drive regularly, you can ensure that these files are in the optimal location. Though there are free defragmenting tool, you can also go for the paid ones that are available online.

So, with these 4 tips, your concern regarding ‘how to speed up computer’ must be over. Follow these suggestions and give back your PC its lost speed. Hurry up! Get started now!

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Issues Possible With Acer Computer

When we talk about Acer, words that immediately come to the mind are user friendly, easy, well-performing, easy, highlight rich and powerful. The company has presented a class of client encounter with a scope of desktops as well as portable workstations. No matter what edge it is, Acer frameworks serve the customers with their prompt services.

Acer PCs have gained immense popularity around the globe. To maintain its standard, the company thrives to concoct innovation driven improvements. Here, it needs to be known that the more the brand accompanies, the higher its client ratio goes.

If we talk about the normal issues that are possible with Acer computers, they are:

  • Portable workstation screen going dark
  • PC refusing to boot
  • PC solidifying
  • PC not responding
  • Web perusing issues
  • Portable workstation screen turning non-responsive
  • Portable workstation not starting up
  • Desktop/portable workstation making record stacking issue

If any sort of issue or issues are experienced by the users, they can opt for computer technical support anytime they want. Want to know what services are provided by the techies? Well, they are explained in the below given points:

  • Fixing start-up mistakes
  • Providing patch ups to security gaps
  • Making the PC a system with enhanced execution
  • Identifying every issue and coming up with suitable arrangements
  • Catching malware and fixing them
  • Diagnosing and fixing issues that if left unattended can lead to serious consequences in the future

So, if you have Acer products, call the experts to get the glitches fixed at the earliest possible. Reaching out the professionals is way easy with Acer customer service number that you can use 24/7. Don’t let the time go as it will make things even complex. Contact the techies and let them resolve every issue through the best of their remote services. Hurry up! Make the call now and bring back your faulty system back to life. 

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Sunday, 19 November 2017

Fixing Mac’s Gray Screen At Startup

Online Mac Support

Mac can have many startup problems including the gray screen which turns out to be the biggest trouble for the users as well as the technical support executives. On the top of it there are many occasions when some other Mac issues are mistakenly confused with gray screen startup problem.


The problem that arises right after you start may exactly appear like gray screen. At the same time it can also manifest itself as a black screen. It is so dark that the screen is confused with being powered off. Your world seems to be disconnected with rest of the world but thankfully you have reliable Mac support to help at inexpensive prices.

It took its name from initial days of its origin when the display would turn absolutely gray during the startup phase. The most recent Macs nowadays are likely to see a very dark almost black display instead. It continues to be called by the name gray screen as it is well known among masses.

Users who think that blue screen and black screen have some relation are not absolutely wrong, as they do have. This problem is characterized by changing of black screen from blue screen. It may exhibit just the gray screen or a spinning gear or the Apple’s logo itself. There are no unusual noises detected that of disk access, optical drive spin up or down or the fan’s noise. Just the Mac devoid of any further action is left to be dealt with.


For the users the situation becomes tricky when they try to troubleshoot it on their own. There is one startup problem that is frequently mistaken with gray screen problem. It is a gray screen with a folder icon and a flashing question mark.

You should disconnect all external peripherals in attempt to fix the gray matter of Mac. If it still does not get corrected your Mac may be encountering problems with the RAM, drive and more.

It is therefore best and convenient to hire remote technical support professionals who can resolve your issue in couple of minutes.

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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

5 Most Common Technical Support Problem Solved Over Phone

online computer support

It’s not an easy job to handle a grown up crying over phone for his lost file, broken application or unresponsive computer. But that’s what IT guys do. They’re always there to help you out in any point of time and provide you immediate solution to your problem. Computer technical support is gaining attention around the globe for enabled flexibility and ease.

What are most common tech issues solved over a phone call?

1. Can’t Log Into My Account

This could be as simple as leaving the ‘caps on’ while typing the password to forgetting the password. Many people get terrorized as their first thought is of getting hacked. No amount of easy words to stop their panic.

2. My Computer is Running Slow

Well, it could be a virus attack, overloaded C drive, inefficient program running or any other reason. Definitely, a technician is the one that you need by your side.

3. Can I Get My Accidentally Deleted Files Back?

It could be your next day’s project presentation or your business’s next big idea, once the file is permanently then there’s just IT experts to your rescue. Yes, they can be extracted.

4. My Computer is Making Unusual Noise

While this may seem to be a hardware problem at first but this could also be caused by the overloading of the system. You may call your IT support and try to find out from their end.

5. Blue Screen of Death

Despite being the fancy term of all the tech issues, this one needs proper assistance while fixing this problem. This particular one puts the users on panic mode because they aren’t sure whether it is their hardware or software at fault.

This are some of the most common issues reported by tech support guys who have been in the business for a long time and knows exactly how to deal with them. If you supposed to encounter one of these or more then feel free to call the best of the tech companies in USA for your rescue. It’s simple, time-saving and affordable.

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Sunday, 12 November 2017

Trust Remote Tech Support For Your Slow Computer

Of all computer software, hardware and networking problems the slow running computers are the most irritating.

Despite of the fact that they do not seem to be the problem of giant size they can be beginning of some more serious computer related problems.

In the age of internet everything is fast, people are reaching out to their soul mates through portals and virtual assistance. You have a form to fill and soon ocean of interested candidates will pop up on your screen. But there are some who are still dreaming that their prince will come to them riding a white horse.

On the similar lines the fast and efficient remote tech support is having all happy customers in its bucket but some computer users are still hell-bent on searching the right computer repair company. Computer running slow is a problem that can be caused by plethora of possibilities inside your system.

No matter what reason is causing the inactivity of your computer or laptop, the experts are just a call away. Next time any of your friend discusses sluggish computer of hers tell her why it would be in her best interest to hire the remote assistance.


Onsite assistance for slow computers demands the direct human intervention. This indicates the inconvenience caused to lift the machine and carry it to the local repair shop, waiting for your turn to be attended and a lot more. On the other hand remote assistance offers you comfort even while your computer performance is being diagnosed.

Don’t just dump your computing machine because it asks for the best technical support.


Despite of the fact that the computer repair services rendered by the remote technicians are fast and efficient, they are not at all costly. In fact you would be surprised to know that they are much inexpensive than the local repair services. They since exclude the travelling allowances and other expenses match the users expectations.


While you cannot expect the local computer repair guy to be sweet and humble to you, the exactly opposite you will experience once you speak to the proficient computer repair technician of a reputed remote tech support company.

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