Monday, 16 October 2017

Mozilla Support-Fixing Firefox Like A Pro

Mozilla Firefox Support
Among various internet browsers, Mozilla Firefox has got a big market share. It is quite popular among users for various purposes. Things that are most appreciated on Mozilla Firefox is fast downloading and searching substances. USA being highly populated with internet users has quite large number of Firefox users. Despite of the increasing competition from the rivals, Mozilla Firefox continues to hold the second largest share of user base after Google Chrome. The increase in its market share in continued last two years is striking thing related to the growth of the Mozilla worldwide. USA users are the most active in Firefox downloading as the total number of internet users exceeds figure of 239 million.

Considerate Firefox Fixes

Even though Mozilla Firefox is quite open and supportive when it comes to customer satisfaction, there are chances when Mozilla gives you problems. They may really leave you frustrated; you should therefore pay some attention to the reasons of the crashes on Firefox and then some quick solutions to those.

Browser is often highly vulnerable to security threats as this application is exposed to every kind of online threats and the hackers are more than willing to take advantage of these crashes. In this scenario, it does not really matter that which operating system is being used by the userThere are numerous technical reasons behind this but there are some common listed for your understanding like:

·        User might have installed some or other extensions and plug-ins that were compromising with the security of the browser.
·        Another reason can be the performance improving software that arises as ad-ins.
·        Incompatibility between extension and add-ons may lead to browser crashing.


·        USE SAFE MODE- Activate safe mode that loads Firefox without loading add-ons. You can easily enter Firefox Safe mode by holding shift key while starting it. Using Firefox in safe mode is smart when it is crashing. It is a good check for compatibility issues.

·        RESET- Perform reset for restoring all your personal data. Reset will create a new folder where you can find all your browsing history, bookmarks, passwords etc.

LOOK OUT FOR MALWARE INFECTIONS- Perform a complete scan of your system for virus infections as it is a common cause of crash.

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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Cool Tips To Fight Out Memory Management Windows Error

Blue screen of death infuriates the computer users because of too many reasons. Windows 10 users, who have ever been hit by memory management blue screen, try these tips at home or office.

How to fix BSOD need some suggestions from experts which include:

•  Running SFC Scanner
SFC Scanner is a Microsoft tool for detecting various system problems and running it may solve all your problems including memory management error. Right click the start button, and run ‘Command prompt’ in admin mode. Follow with sfc/scannow and press “Enter”.

Scanner will now run through your system, finds the errors and fix them. It may take some time but your computer will play nicer after it is allowed to run in full.

•  Look for software problems

This is about digging out the software problems in your computer. Memory management is a relatively new error that can be corrected by checking out the software compatibility.

•  Check windows’ memory diagnostic tool

Memory management BSOD relates to computer’s memory. Search your PC for “Windows Diagnostic Tool” because it can be a physical problem with the RAM installed too. Click restart now after this and let windows begin putting RAM at work.

•  Ask professionals

It is not always when you get the right guidance for fixing complex issues such  as management error. Therefore it is essential to get catered to the needs of your computer by the professionals.

In fact you don’t have to wait for your son to take your computer or laptop to the repair shop in market. You can avail the virtual assistance of the techies while sitting at your homes.

Survival without fast running computers in today’s technology driven life is absolutely not possible. Use these tested tips to get rid of BSOD in your windows.

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Monday, 9 October 2017

Recognize Warning Signs Of System Crash With These Tips

Recurring computer crashes happen unexpectedly and with little or no warning. It has been observed that most of the times, these crashes are not as tricky as they seem to be.Moreover, it has also been figured out that most of them are trivial issues that no one pays attention to. However, awareness about the symptoms can help in identifying the real problem and get timely help that will resolve the issue on time.

Take a look at some of the key warning signs that must not be ignored:

Hardware Component Conflicts

It is important to know that mostly, there are two components in PC that use the same resources or execute similar task. This in turn leads to hardware conflict and exhibits itself in unexpected behavior during specific tasks.To deal with these faults, one must hire the expert technicians who will see through the operating system to find out the root cause. After that, they will reinstall the drivers to resolve the problem completely.

Accidental File or Program Corruption

Accidental file and program corruption errors are the standard sign of a slow-processing computer. Files that always open with a click of mouse button unexpectedly don’t open, or only run on occasion. There are several reasons behind this situation and detecting them is not easy. However, with the right professionals by your side, you can ensure your anti-virus is running properly and is updated. Get your system scanned and say bye-bye to the error.

Sporadic Boot Errors

Sporadic error during system boot time signals something serious. An error message, “boot device not found” pops up on the screen. Windows turn pear-shaped during boot time and starts working again later when reset button is pressed. Replacement of the drive and/or re-installing Windows is the idea; way to get away from the issue.

Erratic or Noisy Hard Drive

Hard drives are the key reason behind most of the problems.However, they are more dependable.As they wear down with time, users must be prepared for such situations.If programs take more than usual time to load or files don’t open or drive is making loud sounds when you work, there’s something really critical. Backup your data and connect with online tech support service providers.
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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Protect Your Computer From Dangerous Malware

Computer Virus Removal
 The plethora of adware, spyware, Trojan horse, and viruses constitute malware. The after effects of malware range from identity theft to computer crash. For common people the redress of virus attack seems to be conundrum. They try to tackle the problem on their own by installing virus removal tool but all in vain. Adware seems to be an inseparable part of their system. If you have ever been in such situation then you should know that the protection of computer from notorious malware is bi-directional. It covers the strategies to prevent malware attack and removal of malware.

Follow the below given guideline to prevent malware attack:

1. Adopt smart online behavior. Do you know you are one who is responsible for preventing the malware attack on your system? You can follow few easy tactics that will help your system to stay free from any virus infections like not downloading and installing anything you don’t know or you are unable to trust from:

a) A website- Leave the site and first research about the software you are being asked to download. If it is ok you can always revisit the website and go ahead otherwise you just saved yourself from a malware headache.

b) An e-mail- Don’t ever trust spam emails. They contain majority of the viruses designed every month. Mails from known sources also contain infectious attachments, when you are not sure what has been sent do not open the attachment or link.

c) Physical media- Your family and friends may unknowingly transfer infection to you by disc or drives. Scan them with security software before accepting these files.

Removal Of Malware
To successfully remove malware you need to have the virus removal support program installed in your system. Not only this, you are supposed to have an updated operating system to support the malware program. You can have separate programs for adware and other malwares provided they do not conflict with each other. Or go for a standalone program that is powerful enough to fight any kind of contemporary infection.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Why Computer Upgrade Is Important & How It Helps?

How To Upgrade Computer
Upgrading a computer is very important for its users; however, how often it needs to be done is not clear to most of us. Taking this as the topic of discussion, let us discover everything about importance of updating a PC.

So, when was the last time you upgraded your beloved computer? Don’t remember? Well, not only you but this happens with almost everyone. Average lifespan of a PC is 3-5 years but for those who use it heavily, it can be 2-3 years. During these years, different parts of the system wear down, slow down and turn outdated. Though maintenance and optimization help to extend the life of the system, there comes a point when it no longer fulfills the needs. You may not be knowing but this is the time when you must know whether there’s a need to buy a new system or upgrade the existing one.

What is Computer Upgrade?

PC upgrade means replacing the current parts such as RAM, hard drive and accessories with new and better technology. As obvious, user needs to purchase the new parts and install them. Computer techies can switch the parts without needing assistance from anyone. However, non-techies can ask computer experts to get the task done.

If there are lot of problems in the system or multiple parts are needed or installation cost is high, purchasing a new computer is more cost-effective solution. This is because it will come with latest hardware and run on the newest editions of programs, using the highest security levels. Proper care provides years of work and entertainment.

Upgrading a computer is quite exciting. If there’s confusion whether it is needed or not, it is good to ask the computer expert. Apart from telling about the pros & cons about the same, they will help to decide what is right. Also, they help in navigating the buying process of a new computer. This will help you meet your needs and work the way you want.

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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Do You Know How To Connect Your PC To The Internet The Right Way?

Connect PC To Internet
When it comes to connect a computer to the internet, there are particular steps depending on the type of internet access. In homes, the access method is usually a small hardware unit known as modem. It connects to a physical medium supporting any fixed location services such as:

  •  Fiber optic cable
  •  Cable Internet (CATV) line 
  •  Phone line (for DSL)
  • Wireless antenna (for satellite and wireless broadband services)

Portable computer such as a tablet can be connected to fixed location networks but they also support mobile broadband internet access with the help of cellular networks. When the user is outside, these portable computers can connect to internet with Wi-Fi hotspots.

Configuring an Internet Gateway

Network gateway is a hardware device and joins a local network to the Internet. Modem connects to it on fixed location networks. Talking about home networks, they use a broadband router as the gateway device.

When using Wi-Fi hotspots or mobile broadband networks, the gateway hardware connecting a computer to the Internet is set up as well as maintained by the service providers.

An additional layer of internet gateway is served by the travel routers. They allow a group of devices to connect to the same internet service and exchange data with one another. Administrators configure travel routers to other types of consumer routers.

Configuring the Internet Client Device

To match the type of network gateway and internet service being used, it is required to set configuration parameters on a computer. Usual settings include:

  •  User name and password:to log in to internet services based on PPPoE 
  •  Wireless security key that matches the gateway: for Wi-Fi networks
  •  Choice of network by name (SSID): for Wi-Fi home networks and hotspots 
  •  Domain Name System (DNS), MTU and other servicesettings needed by the provider 
  •  Wi-Fi turned off: to connect using mobile broadband (cellular) networks

Troubleshooting Connection Issues

In wireless networking, one of the most common errors is entering incorrect security keys. On the other hand, cables plugged into wrong locations or loose cables are the most common errors in wired networking.

It is important to know that broadband modems must be connected to a home router uplink port.

Advanced Internet Connection Issues

There are times when one can set up two or multiple internet services on one device or on one home network. These multi-homed configurations keep the users connected the internet with less interruptions.

Last but not the least, an internet connection can be established; however, computers can still find it difficult to reach websites normally. Reason behind this is incorrect DNS configuration in the local network.

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Thursday, 31 August 2017

Mozilla Gears Up In Industry To Lead

 Like many other things, choosing the right internet browser can be a tough task for lot of people. With every company promising its customers 99% uptime, boundless resources and erudite support making a decision becomes even more difficult for the internet users. Needless to say internet users are keen to make only right decision when it comes to selection of internet browser. You have the full right to make an informed pronouncement.

Most of the times what the hosting companies say and what they mean has a huge disconnect. This only leads to more frustration in your already pressed life. But when you choose Mozilla over others you experience nothing less than best. Best part of trusting Mozilla is good for both home use and business use. Moreover you have the finest of support from Mozilla Firefox support phone number for making it more easy and convenient for you. Many so called geeks may argue to this and support Chrome. Undoubtedly, Chrome has its own share of advantages but Mozilla has a rich history in its support and they try to look out for new ideas.


Firefox is one of the oldest browsers and currently holds 12% of market that is constantly increasing since 2016 when it was 7.7%.

Chrome has got numerous extensions but few may know that the concept was initiated by Firefox. Some of the extensions are still working for Firefox only. One of the best extensions of Firefox is “Down them all” which is a download manager that increases download speeds and comes with pause and resume button.

Another big reason why internet users chose Firefox over Chrome and others is it has got inbuilt reader mode. The inbuilt reader mode stands out for Firefox in which all the ads are removed from any website and the user gets a website UI enabling view of amazing print style article. It is perfect choice for avid readers.

When privacy is your priority choose Firefox. Chrome asks users to sync their data to Google, as Google keeps an eye on your accounts for making sure that you get relevant ads on Gmail. This makes a huge concern in the light of privacy.